Founded in early 2013, Blacktop Passages is a literary journal dedicated to the open road. We want to serve as a home for the stories, essays, poems, and images of transition that are often overshadowed by our destinations. We love thoughtful writing, full of feeling, conflict, and desire. If you have a great piece that reflects this ethos, Blacktop Passages would love to have your work in our pages.

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Chris Cartright is an instructor of English at Armstrong State University in Savannah, GA. He earned his MFA from Florida State University, and writes poetry, short fiction, and cultural criticism. His most recent story, “The City is a Lonely Pandemonium,” was published in Contrary Magazine.

Thomas John Nudi is a writer and filmmaker. He received his MFA in screenwriting from Chapman University. His latest feature, a documentary, Fiona Humphrey: A Family Album is currently touring festivals. His previous film, Monty Comes Back, was met with general acclaim and a few awards too.



Ryan Cheng

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Christopher Cartright

Ryan Cheng

Zachary Lundgren

Thomas John Nudi



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