Maximus Adarvé
A Four-Day Weekend

R.A. Allen

Danny Barbare
Driving Through the Country

Danny Bedrosian
American Ambassadors of Funk: An Interview with Danny Bedrosian of Parliament-Funkadelic

Eleanor Leonne Bennett
Crash’s Composure

Chase Berenson
Astrakhan at Night
It’s Hot Out There!
Straight Shot Through the Desert

Gustaf Berger
Breaking Stride

Ryan Bollenbach
Two Scenes

Heather Buchanan
Neon Boneyard

Kayla Rae Candrilli
Hiking the AT
Maritime Telescope
Sales Experience

Michael Chin

Douglas Cole

Pascal Combes-Knoke
The Captain

Melanie J. Cordova
The Water Drinking Place

Tasha Coryell
5 Bad American Habits I Broke While Traveling Through Europe

William C. Crawford

Holly Day
Dora Jean
Train to Gainesville

Darren C. Demaree
Ode to the Corner of the Drug House Down the Gravel Road off the Two-Lane Highway #25

Michelle DoCampo
Shooting on Route 66

William Doreski
Cruising to Work
North to Rutland

Lauren Lee Fusilier

Stefania Gheorghiu
Into the Fog, Golden Gate Bridge

Bettina Gilois
Acoma Dawn
An Interview with Miriam Sagan
Near Meteor Crater

Harry Goaz
Donald’s Holy Head

Jill Hawkins
The Coronado Bridge Troll

Ed Higgins
Driving Lesson
Rocking Horse Rider

Leah Holbrook
Somebody Else in Kentucky

Evan Howell
Drive Like a Champion: Part I
Drive Like a Champion: Part II
Drive Like a Champion: Part III

Charla Allyn Hughes
En Route to Actobe, Khazakhstan
Open Road in Eastern Europe
Roadblock Encountered in Mongolia

M. A. Istvan Jr.
Jog Through a Blizzard

Stephanie Cameron Kennedy
The Farm
Progreso Mexico
Tennessee Street

Alexandra Kessler
In the Van

Shelby King

Laura Kiselevach
Fog Road

Matt Landsman
Blacktop Mountain
The Captain

Steve Lapinsky

Bret Lawrence
In Rain, Driving Away from You

Māris Leja
Mushroom Picking is One Word

Jennifer Lothrigel
Core Light
Just Be
Sand Falls

Jesse Ludington
Mr. Davidson Lives in My Garage

Richard Luftig
Along the Finger Lakes
Speeding Through Kansas
Unmarked County Road

Sarah Marshall

André Olivier Martin

Oove Orozco
Fresh Eggs

Richard King Perkins II
Roads of Wyoming

Tom Pescatore
250 Miles Wide

Fabrice Poussin
New Mexico Sunset

Delia Rainey
The Deer Lies Down in the Snow
A Letter to All My Dead Animals
Table in Tears

David Rhei
016 (2) bw
PICT0210 (3)bw

Joan Robinson
The Corner of Calumet and Commonwealth
Roadkill Shoe (Intersection of Spencer and Maule)

Katherine Rudin

Tammy Ruggles
Different Road

Miriam Sagan
La Frontera

M.R. Smith
Huntington Signal Fire

William Joseph Stribling
8th Ave NYC
Desert Biker with Flag
Desert Truck Stop
Donut Break
Father and Son
Gas Station (End of Roll)
Santa Rosa County Rest Stop
Stribling on Stribling
Tuscon Motel Pool
Utah RV Sunset
Vegas Hotel Room

Marc Swan
Numbers Game

Ag Synclair
A Kind of Migration

Don Thompson
Near Irish Farms
On Stoner Drive

Kathleen Uttenweiler
The Back Roads Drive to Charlottesville, VA 2013
Bike Lane
Driving in Waterford, VA
Golden Road
Route 1, Iceland
Side View

Andrew Valentine
Time Capsule

Julie van der Wekken
Bike Ride
Meadow, Utah
Snowy Day

Jessi Walker
Fargo, ND

Brendan Walsh
Big Cypress
Road Trip Metaphors
To the Pilot Taking Off as I Drive Past the Airport

Benjamin Warner
I’ll Do Something Drastic the Next Time We Meet

Donald Welch
Fuel City

Howard Winn

Guinotte Wise
Jesus Rust

Olivia Wolfgang-Smith
Driving Directions to the Illegal Owl Prowl at Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park to Which You Have Been Invited by the Guy Who Changed Your Oil This Morning

Christopher Woods
Burned Motel, Grenville, New Mexico
Crossing the Bridge
End of a Long Day
First, Last Hit
Last to Go

Alyssa Yankwitt
Door, Bleeker St.
El Malecón, Havana