Superior Excursions

Scenic excursions are good for the mana. With amigos and contraband, they transcend to higher caliber. Two summers ago I reunited with my Day Ones to voyage across clandestine lands in Wisconsin. Fish were caught and devoured as whiskey was guzzled, laughs were shared and challenged as stars light lit up the night sky. If any wisdom can be taken from moments like these, none can argue that adventures are waiting to be had. Continue reading

Shooting on Route 66

“I just got back from a 23-day journey from Chicago to Los Angeles. I was working on a film about a couple driving Route 66. I got to stop in a bunch of incredible places in Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California. Along the way I captured┬ásome selects.”
– Michelle DoCampo

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