Shooting on Route 66

“I just got back from a 23-day journey from Chicago to Los Angeles. I was working on a film about a couple driving Route 66. I got to stop in a bunch of incredible places in Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California. Along the way I captured some selects.”
– Michelle DoCampo

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5 Bad American Habits I Broke While Traveling Through Europe

1. Let go of your material possessions

I spent months packing for the trip. My husband had just bought me new breasts. Thousands of dollars so that I would look like a European in Europe. A pair of double Ds pushed so high into the air that they nearly touched my chin. Wearing anything felt like wearing lingerie. There were a couple of times in Italy when they made me wear a plastic cover just to go into a church. Continue reading