One More Town Too Far

Then I worked for an old lady in El Paso
            took down her storms put up her screens
            painted her fence
she kept finding new jobs
            said I resembled the boy she’d lost
            insisted I sleep in his bed
            the walls covered with posters
            X-Men The Gladiator Kate Moss
            clippings about boxing matches Continue reading

Ghost Towns

There are 568 miles between Sacramento and Las Vegas. Google Maps tells me if I don’t hit any traffic, I can expect to make the trip in 9 hours and 3 minutes. I pack an overnight bag, throw my checkbook in, and yank the zipper up. I leave a dish of kibble for the cat. At the gas station where I fill my tank, I buy a large black coffee and a candy bar. It is one p.m., six hours since I received Sean’s call, when I head east on the 80. Continue reading