Blacktop Mountain

Photograph by Matt Landsman.

“I took this picture in the mountains of California while I was sleepily riding in the car and I thought it was very indicative of the feeling that being on “the road” evokes. For some reason, any time you photograph the road it seems endless. It’s so imminent in the foreground of the frame and seems to continue on forever, which might be one of the distant themes found in some of the literary work in [Blacktop Passages.] The road is a timeless place, both in the sense that it transcends the physical progression of time and that it has remained steadfast and unchanged for hundreds of years.”

Matt Landsman is a filmmaker and writer based out of Los Angeles. He graduated from Emerson College in 2012 with a BS in Journalism. He is currently pursuing an MFA in screenwriting at Dodge College of Film & Media Arts.