Donald’s Holy Head

Donald’s holy head,
my graciousness
butt-crack sandwich.

Donald is a freak like
me and always will
be and that is why
he hangs out on the
edge of the junction
at the end of the field
during weekends.

He’s the only one out
there and he walks
back and forth thinking
about something
that is consuming his
life and everything
he thinks he knows
about it. The junction
gives him this
power of the serious

His petty little head
is probably full of the
dark things that mine
is, but he don’t know
how to be the master
of his universe, to
blend in and charm
and awe like me. I
don’t need the junction
like Donald.

Donald’s short life is
written all over his
long face.

Harry Goaz is an American actor famous for his role as Deputy Andy Brennan in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, as well as his work on the critically acclaimed Eerie Indiana. He continues to be a staple of independent films and is prominent in the Los Angeles arts community.