The Corner of Calumet and Commonwealth

Detroit branch-sifted light
spreads on tufts of herbaceous
tousled lawn. Pink hydrangeas
nod; their blowzy blossoms thrust
through soot-blackened window frames.
A poplar fountains through the parlor
pierces the rotted roof beams and
arches its branches blue.
A man with grey felty dreadlocks
walks his kindergartner in the middle of the quiet street
“Howya doin’ baby girl?”
A pheasant strides
across the cracked, chicory fringed boulevard.
Joan Robinson is a recent graduate from University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a MFA in creative writing. Her work has appeared in 300 Days of Sun, Interim, (r)evlove, The One Three Eight and Chance. She enjoys exploring ghost towns with her husband and wandering the Mojave’s vast spaces.